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What is an Uncovery?

An Uncovery is an investigative study of your business to find your untold story and your core values.

An Uncovery will help us answer those questions and a whole lot more.

  • For the Uncovery, we will need to come to your town and stay two or three days. We visit your business and your competitors. You will see 8 different Wizard of Ads PowerPoint presentations made to the decision makers in your company. Information will be gathered to help develop a marketing plan for your business. your competition and your business will be visited.
  • From the Uncovery a Strategy Plan will be developed for you to approve.
  • Any or all of these could be implemented- Website copy decided on, if needed. We can build a website for you, if you don’t have one already. Search engine optimization is needed to bring your site up in the search engines. Help you start and develop a huge data base of customers by using an electronic newsletter effectivly.
  • Ad copy is written from the strategy for whatever media we are using. Not just one ad, but enough ads to last a year. (Depends on the media we are using.)
  • Buy only what media you need. What your budget allows.
    Put simply, we can do more with 90% of the money than you can with 100%.
  • We will help you implement a long term Strategy For advertising, marketing and promoting your business through various media and “Word of Mouth” advertising. A one year plan is the minimum you should consider if wanting to make your business a household name. Wizard of Ads specializes in one year advertising plans.
  • Collectively The Wizard of Ads Partners today represent 107 owner-operated businesses in six countries. In 2008, they helped bring in 100's of millions dollars in topline revenue that helped feed the families of 1000's of employees.

    They measure success in terms like 32%, 311%, 41%, 25%, 39%, 50.3%, 12%, 22%, 30%, 10.2%, 86%, and 38%. Those are the actual percentages some of our clients have grown.
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