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12 Common Mistakes in Advertising

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“We've conducted seminars with Clay in Murray, Mayfield, Paducah and Metropolis (IL). We’ve had agreat response, with 15-25 business owners for each event!  We were very pleased with the way Clay presents the information.  He is informative, entertaining and presents ideas and strategies that business owners can apply immediately. Attendees gave us great written feed-back and thanked us for each seminar.  In fact, of all of the seminars with Clay, no one told me it was not valuable or a waste of their time. 

Clay is a professional speaker and it is obvious in his presentations.  In Nashville at the Wizards on the Road he was one of a line-up of 12 professional speakers and Clay brought the house down.  He was great!”   

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Available ranging from 20 minutes to all day Speaking Fee $2500 (Could vary depending on travel)

    1. The 12 Most Common Mistakes in Advertising (30-40 minutes)
      This powerful presentation shows simple ways to avoid falling into the same trap many business do. Clay shows business owners a better way to achieve great results with their advertising.
    2. The Pendulum: It's 1963 All Over Again
      (75 minutes). A look at the trends that are coming and what you can do with your advertising to reach the grandchildren of the Baby boomers
    3. Transactional vs. Relational Customers (20-30 minutes)
      A transactional customers’ goal is for you to make no money on them. A Relational customer doesn’t mind for you to make a profit if you will meet her needs.
    4. Above Average Advertising   (45 minute version or 90 minute version)
      You can create top of mind awareness, convince potential customers think of you first, and feel the best about buying from you.   This seminar is all about Branding, great copywriting & getting better results from your advertising dollars. This seminar has helped hundreds of small business get better results from their ads dollars.
    5. Escape From Mediocrity (30 minutes or 60 minutes)
      You can Live The Above Average Life Seminar helps business owners, management and employees to bring UP the level of productivity and put an end to mediocrity in their personal life and career. You’ll learn how to have a "don't kid yourself day“. Raise the bar and find balance in six areas: Family, Finances, Friends, Career, Spiritual, and Physical/Health.
    6. Get Big Results From Your Small Ad Budget (30 or 60 minutes)
      One of Clay’s most popular talks and carries the title of his book. This speech is great for Rotary, Chambers of Commerce lunches, after dinner speeches, breakfast meetings. It’s a serious topic but Clay approaches it in a lighthearted humorous way. It has many tips for small business owners with a tiny ad budget. It is guarenteed to be a hit for your meeting.
    7. 12 Steps to a Better Wesite (Raising Your Rank in the Search Engines) This seminar comes from Clay's latest book. This seminar is all about getting your website to the top of the search engines. ( 30 minutes or 60 minutes)
    8. NEW-Calculating Ad Budget- (15-20)
    9. NEW -Word of Mouth Advertising Actual Case Studies (30-40)
    10. NEW -Market 101: Rich Ideas to Market Your Business in a Poor Economy.
      ( Clay's latest book - will be out  summer of 2009)  Clay presents idea after idea for combating the poor economy. Things you can implement right away.

    Upon request, I will send two of my books, CDs, brochures, and a list of references for promoting an event.

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