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After trading a saddle and a pig for a 1939 Martin guitar at age 13, Clay started playing and singing country and gospel music. The lure of becoming famous and making a lot of money soon led him down the wrong pathway.

In his autobiography, Guitars Bars and A Prodigal Son, Clay talks about living the life of a hobo.  As a 16 year old he took a trip “off to see the world.” He hitchhiked to California from his daddy’s farm in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. He slept under bridges, hopped a rides on boxcars, “sang for his supper’ many times and “almost froze to death” in the Rocky Mountains. 

Clay began a career in advertising in 1983 in phone book advertising sales. In 1989 he started his own small shopper/coupon paper called the Ad Sheet in Paducah Kentucky. After five years and great success he sold it. In November 2000, he began a career in radio with Bristol Broadcasting which lead him to meeting The Wizard of Ads himself; Roy H. Williams.

Clay found most small business owners were unsatisfied with the results of their advertising investment. They wanted and needed more bang for their marketing buck. Clay took courses at the Wizard Academy and became a professional writer of creative ad campaigns. “It worked great! My clients had much better results with a well-written message.” Clay made many trips to the Wizard Academy in Austin Texas and studied under best selling author Roy H. Williams
Today Clay is an official Wizard of Ads Partner and consultant for small business owners. He brings creative ideas, writes ad campaigns, and develops marketing strategies to help them grow small businesses.

Clay's book, Get Big results From Your Small Ad Budget- (More Bang for Your Marketing Buck) is all about making the best use of your ad dollars in your media buying.

Escape From Mediocrity: Live The above average Life, and Get big Results From a Small Ad Budget are published by Wizard Press.

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