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If you knew you couldn’t fail … how would you market in this economy?

Would you like to make measureable differences in your business?

Does your business need to make a change to adapt to today's economy?

Ready to act on your desire to communicate more powerfully?

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Twitter“If you have the desire, I have the time.
If you have the commitment, I will give you everything I have.
If you have a small budget, I can help.”

Clay Campbell is a small business owner who learned the hard way how to get big results from a small ad budget. He owns the Kentucky Opry, an Outdoor Sign Company, several online newsletters, and has 30-plus people working for him and his clients. His friends say he succeeds largely because he simply is not afraid to fail. His "School of Hard Knocks" experience proves to be a crucial key in helping others grow their business.

Tenacity. Faith. Perseverance. Enthusiasm.
Now – strengthened by the grace of God - Clay helps small business owners those with the courage to act – to grow in ways they didn’t think possible.

He’s written several books on the subject, and now, too, sparks standing ovations across Middle America for keynote and after-dinner speeches. 

So, if you feel like learning to love your business all over again, you should talk to Clay whether to consider a meaningful partnership or to have him give one of his seminars in your town.

"Clay Campbell, one of my partners, is a  professional entertainer and an accomplished advertising consultant. If you have a tiny budget and would like to have a better speaker at your upcoming event than your budget really deserves, you might ought to get to know him. Yes, I said 'tiny' budget."
Roy H. Williams, Best Selling Author

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Get Big Results From Your Small Ad Budget

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